Spiral Ada Pool [SPIRL] - T-0 - Launch Day

  • 2021-07-25
  • ( 1 min read )

We've spent our first epoch (279) in stealth mode, making sure that everything is up, running perfectly and stable, ready to make you money!

We are now ready to officially launch Spiral Ada Pool. A Cardano stakepool created by a couple of developers who are passionate about learning and the Cardano ecosystem.

We are starting off with over 1 million Ada in delegation and a pledge of 200,000 Ada. We will be increasing both of these from our own funds in the future.

Supporting the development community

In addition to this website and blog we are also launching our documentation resource site, which we will be updating with new information as we learn about writing software on Cardano, Haskell and Plutus Pioneers. So make sure you follow us on twitter @spiraladapool for regular updates on this.

Supporting us

Please help us, so we can help support the Cardano development community by considering delegating to our stakepool SPIRL.

--- Spiral Ada Pool team ---